UPDATE: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this giveaway will be pushed back. Check on for updates regarding the Brooklyn Children’s Museum Ticket Giveaway! 

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is one of my favorite places to go with my son. This was a go-to place for us because it has so much to offer babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. We used to go every week since my son was young and explore The Baby Hub in Totally Tots, a place where my son was able to practice crawling, walking, and we were both able to meet new friends. After he started walking, we started exploring the other parts of Totally Tots. Now, we visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum occasionally and go to Totally Tots, the rooftop, World Brooklyn, and the programming activities, and so much more! The best part is that it has so much to offer in a manageable space and your children will never get tired of it! Here is a comprehensive review of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and how you can win two free tickets to visit:


Totally Tots

Totally Tots is the best for children who are under the age of six. It is similar in structure to a kid’s play space, making it one of the most popular parts of the museum. Due to its popularity, it is best to go on an off-day so that there are not too many children in the space or any children who are over the age limit of six years old. Totally Tots is great because it prepares children for pre-k and kindergarten since it has different stations such as sand play, water play, dramatic play, an area to read books, and a soft play area.

Totally Tots Highlights

Water Play 

Sand Play 

Building Station 

Baby Hub 


The Brooklyn Children’s Museum also opened up a rooftop in 2017. They also added a rooftop playspace, Tri-Lox, in the summer of 2019, where kids could climb and hide in like a jungle gym. My son also loves the rooftop because he could just let loose and play with friends like a park instead of doing structured activities. Of course, I try to introduce him to more programs, since we didn’t pay admission to go to a public park. Here are some pictures of the rooftop:

Other Exhibits

My son loves World Brooklyn a lot as well, especially the popular Spumoni Gardens Pizza and the Supermarket. He also loves the animal exhibits, the sandboxes, getting pizza from the cafe, and of course, the Gift Shop. They also offer a Sensory Room that is especially good for children with special needs. They have a Commons Theater, where they have performances that can help children learn music and dance. There is also Color Lab on the 2nd floor that offers art sessions for children on weekends and Thursdays. But one of his favorite exhibits is the bus. Whenever we stop by, children are lined up to drive the bus. This inspired me to take him to the New York Transit Museum, which he affectionately calls the Bus and Train Museum.

Whether your kid is into art, music, pretend play, sand and water play, animals, the outdoors, or has additional needs, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is perfect for your child! They will never be bored and will find something that they like to do. And if the weather is nice, there is a large park right next door to the Children’s Museum.

Now for some info on the giveaway:

In order to be eligible to win TWO FREE TICKETS TO THE BROOKLYN CHILDREN’S MUSEUM, you must do the following:

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There will be one winner who will be selected randomly and will be announced on Monday, March 16th, 2020! The winner will be contacted via e-mail and if they do not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected instead.

Thanks for reading and all the best on the giveaway!


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