Spring Picture Day Outfit Ideas for Preschoolers

School Picture Day is one of the best and simultaneously one of the most stressful days of the school year. It is exciting to pick out new outfits for your child to wear for picture day but it is a pain to get them to smile the right way and not that way where you can obviously tell that they are fake smiling for the camera. However, picking out the right outfit for picture day can help make the photoshoot truly pop. Spring Picture Day is more fun than Fall Picture Day because there are so many more colorful outfits that can be re-worn for Easter Sunday and brunch to Spring Family photos instead of fall neutrals. Here is a list of outfits that are guaranteed to be a hit for spring school photos:


For picture day looks for girls, you want to choose looks that go beyond school uniform or a t-shirt and leggings that they wear every day. However, you want to also pick out a look that is practical and comfortable for a preschooler (meaning no Easter dresses!) All three of these outfits exude spring while still being comfortable enough for them to wear all day. See which looks are perfect for a spring photoshoot below:

Outfit #1 

Cat & Jack Target
H&M Kids
Namoo Neiman Marcus

Skip the busy patterns and choose out a colorful but simple look with this outfit for picture day! This look includes a simple dress from H&M Kids that consists of an adorable white blouse and an airy blue sundress. Yellow Mary Janes from Namoo and a red bow from Target add the right amount of springtime color to a simple outfit and will definitely pop in photos!

Outfit #2

White Top and Red Skirt/ H&M Kids
White Top and Red Skirt/ H&M Kids
Nina Bowsy Mary Jane Flats

Red isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! Add a floral red skirt to your daughter’s springtime picture day look by pairing it with a neutral peasant white blouse also from H&M Kids! Finish off this sweet look with a classic black pair of Mary Jane’s from DSW Kids.

Outfit #3

Pink Jumpsuit/ H&M Kids
White Sandals/ Children’s Place

Go for the typical pastel route for springtime with a light pink jumpsuit from H&M Kids. This jumpsuit is great for picture day because it is simple but the frills and the color alone adds a subtle beauty. These white sandals from Children’s Place go well with this jumpsuit because it creates a simple, airy look. Simple unmanipulated hairstyles go best with this look.


Outfit #1 

Polo Shirt Children’s Place


H&M Blue Pants
Osh Kosh Shoes

The first outfit is a more casual look for toddler and preschool boys. A polo shirt in a pastel color, like this blue one from The Children’s Place, is great for springtime photos while being comfortable enough for a rambunctious boy to play in all day. Blue slacks from H&M Kids and navy blue sneakers from Osh Kosh are casual and neutral enough not to overpower the pastel-colored shirt.

Outfit #2 

The Gap Chambray Shirt
Target Sweater
H&M Jeans
Nike Sneakers

If Picture Day is on a cold day that feels more like winter than spring, you need to layer your kid up. With a bright-colored sweater from Target’s children’s line, Cat & Jack, you can bring springtime to the coldest of temperatures. Wear the sweater over a classic denim shirt from Gap Kids to bring more a springtime friendly piece in a winter-layered look. Add gray jeans from H&M Kids to prevent the double denim look in this casual look. Casual Nike sneakers from DSW completes this cool look.

Outfit #3

H&M Set
Stacey Adams Oxford Shoes

If you have a child who is more comfortable in dressy clothing, go all out in this set from H&M Kids. Your son will look absolutely dapper in a blue bowtie and blue suspenders. Finish off this formal look with Stacey Adams oxford shoes from JC Penney. Since this is a more formal look, it can also work for Easter Sunday church and brunch, spring family photos, and even a springtime wedding!

Thank you for reading this article! I hope that it gave you some picture day inspiration!

Take care and talk to you soon!








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