12 Ways To Celebrate National Pi Day With Kids

National Pi Day is a STEM-based national holiday that is dedicated to the number pi. Rightfully celebrated on March 14th (3.14), it is a great holiday for kids because it is the perfect time to teach them about concepts related to math and science. Older kids can do more complicated activities to tackle even the mist advanced mathematic and science concepts. Even young children, such as preschoolers and kindergarteners, can celebrate pi even if they do not know much about math or science. They can focus on activities about shape recognition or tracing to celebrate the educational holiday. There are tons of National Pi Day activities all over Pinterest, but I have summed up some of the best and easiest National Pi Day activities for all ages in this post below:

Celebrate with a pizza pie…

One of the best ways to introduce the concept of pi to kids is through delicious pizza! You can order in or make pizza together from home. If creating your own pizza, making personal pizzas could be a fun way for young kids to practice their math skills. This pizza math activity on We Are Teachers show you how you can learn fractions through pizza pies. You can use the personal pizza pie kit on the website or make your own personal pizzas with healthier options, such as cauliflower crust, cashew cheese, and bell peppers. Cut personal pizzas into halves, thirds, or forths, or eighths to visually see how each fraction looks compared to each other. Of course, the best part of this activity is that you guys get to eat delicious pizza together afterward.

…Or a real pie!

What do you want to eat for dessert? You cannot have a complete Pi Day without eating pie! If you are feeling ambitious, bake a pie with your kids for dessert. If you are not the best cook, you can purchase a pie from your local grocery store. Make Pi Day more fun by buying Table Talk personal pies, so that all your kids can have their own pie. You can even gain inspiration from the We Are Teachers Pizza Math Activity to cut personal pies into different sizes. And afterward, you guys can enjoy eating pie together as a family. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Make pies out of paper plates.

Do you want to forgo a traditional pie or pizza pie? Create one with paper plates instead! This post on Pieces By Polly shows you how you can cut paper plates into fractions that you can put together. You can make it together with your kids or prepare it in advance for them to put it together. After your kids put the fractions together, let them color, paint, or draw on it.

Read books about Pi.

Math and reading are complete counterparts. But sometimes math can help you to learn reading skills and the other way around. Sometimes reading books can help you to learn about math skills, such as the concept of pi. A favorite is Scholastic’s Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi. Other favorites are Math Tales: Math for All Seasons, The Best of Times, and You Wouldn’t Want To Live Without Math. Look to PBS’s website to read about an activity that you can do with your kids that was formulated after the book, Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.

Practice tracing circles.

The youngest of kids cannot really understand the concept of pi. But just because they do not know as much about math, doesn’t mean that they can’t participate in the festivities! Introduce pi to the youngest group of children by printing out circle tracing worksheets for tots between the ages of 2 to 5! Pinterest has a lot of great Tracing Circle Worksheet that you can print out and use for homeschooling sessions. These worksheets will not only let them get involved in Pi Day. It will also strengthen their fingers so that they can develop the skills to write shapes, numbers, and letters.

Make Pi bracelets.

Do you have a crafty kid? If so, Pi Day bracelets might be the perfect activity for them! Check out this activity on Pink Stripey Socks that is great for the entire family! Head to the craft store to stock up on string and beads. Then assign each digit of pi a color and place the beads on the string to match the colors of pi. Your kids can wear these handmade bracelets for years to come. Their friends will be excited to find out that this bracelet is color-coded to match the colors of pi!

Make watercolor circle art.

If you have a little artist on your hands, this Watercolor Circle Art activity on Mess for Less is perfect for your kids! All you need is a canvas that you need to draw circles on. Your kids can do the fun part by painting the circles with watercolor paints. After your kids finish their Pi masterpiece, find a place in their room to hang it up so that they can see their beautiful creation every day.

Do Pi Day Grid Art


This Pi Art Activity was created by TinkerLab in 2015 to celebrate 3/14/15 (get it!) but this can be done even today. First, your kid chooses three colors to use and from there they take fourteen minutes to draw patterns in fifteen of the boxes. After they finish this quick activity, they can show it to their family to see the endless cool patterns that they could have created in the grids!

Sing Pi songs.

YouTube: AsapScience

I love bringing other subjects such as literature, dance, and song into STEM subjects. One of the best crossovers of these subjects is Pi Songs, which focuses on catchy ways to remember this mathematical concept. This YouTube video by AsapScience, much like the Animaniacs video about all the countries of the world has a catchy tune so that kids can remember the first 100 digits of the complicated number Pi. Of course, they wouldn’t have to ever remember Pi by heart, but it is a fun way for them to learn ways to love learning. And who knows, maybe it can come in handy if they decide to appear on a game show after they grow up!

Pi SuDoku

As a nerdy kid and adult, I always loved playing SuDoku since I was introduced to it in middle school. SuDoku was such a great game because it helped me to improve my concentration skills and thinking skills. Introducing, Pi Sudoku to your children is a great way for them to gain the critical thinking skills that they need to prepare them for high school and eventually college. It can also serve as a gateway for them to play the real SuDoku. This game was created by Brainfreeze Puzzles and the only difference between this and the traditional SuDoku is that you have to use the first 12 digits of Pi for each row and box instead of the numbers from 1 to 9. You can even print out a copy to play for yourself to see if you can beat it yourself!

Create a Pi skyline.

If your kid loves Lego blocks (I know mine does!) this activity on HomeGrown Learners would be perfect for them! This is for kids who are very meticulous since this can take a lot of time if they use all or most of the numbers in pi. All your kid has to do is color code each number in Pi with Lego blocks! Use this link on HomeGrown Learners so that you can print out your free Lego Pi worksheet!

Go on a circle scavenger hunt.

You probably have more circles around your house than you realize. Host a scavenger hunt around the house so that kids can look for circles around the house. Maybe the circles might be a typical shape, such as a circular lid, or it can be a more abstract shape, such as a circular mirror, an O-shaped magnet, or even some bubbles! This is great for the youngest of kids because even though they do not have as much of a concept of STEM concepts as older kids, they can still learn about basic math concepts such as shapes.

I hope that these Pi Day activities help you to learn about activities that you can do to celebrate this STEM-based holiday from home! I hope you enjoyed this read and read more of my posts to find out about educational activities for kids!

Talk to you soon!


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