Book Spotlight: Germs Are Not For Sharing by Michelle Verdick

Images: Free Spirit Publishing

In the midst of the coronavirus worldwide pandemic, you want to find a way to teach young children about practicing proper hand hygiene to prevent them from getting sick. Many books about hand hygiene are more geared towards older readers and are therefore too complex for toddlers and preschoolers. Germs are Not For Sharing is a great read for ages 0-3 because it is simple enough for the youngest of readers to understand. I was gifted this book well before the coronavirus outbreak, but I find it especially important now since we don’t know the magnitude of this unknown virus. Read on to find out about what this book teaches toddlers and preschoolers during cold and flu season and now this coronavirus outbreak:

How To Prevent The Spread of Germs

If your child is coughing or sneezing, it is important for them to learn to cover their nose and mouth to prevent the spread of germs to other children. The visuals in this book would help them see the correct way to prevent others from getting sick instead of coughing for sneezing in the air. It also prevents kids from passing on germs through physical contact or eating food that once fell on the floor. Many young children do not understand that eating dirty food or close physical contact with other kids while being sick could negatively affect them. This book will teach them how to take precautions to prevent themselves from getting sick or to prevent others from getting sick.

Practice Handwashing

Many young children do not wash their hands when they need to and if they do, they do not wash their hands effectively. This book teaches children when they need to wash their hands and how to wash their hands. The animations and words make the process of handwashing simple and fun for young children. As you may know from my last article, 12 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Coronavirus, handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread or transmission of coronavirus. Therefore teaching them when and how to wash their hands will do a lot to control the spread, especially if your children are going in public or indoor places.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Germs Are Not For Sharing, you can get a copy on Amazon through this link.

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