9 Ways to Celebrate April Fools’ Day With Kids

April Fool’s Day is one of the most fun unofficial holidays for children. Since kids can be very mischievous, they love seeing what they can and cannot get away with! Of course, you cannot forget the fun factor that April Fool’s Day has for adults as well. You have probably watched so many YouTube and TikTok videos on the internet that are dedicated to parents playing harmless tricks on their families. If you would like to see the best ideas for playing the best pranks on your kids, look no further! Read on to find out ideas to give your kids the perfect April Fool’s Day:

Prank Breakfast

Flickr: Jill Dubien

If you have a toddler or a preschooler, it could be easier to trick them! Canadian Family suggests tricking your toddler with a fake breakfast. If your child has plastic food in their toybox, set them out in place of their usual breakfast to get a cute response. If your child doesn’t have any plastic food in their toybox, you can get creative. Print out some pictures of food or create some fake food with Play-Doh and place it on their breakfast plate instead.

April Fools Cake Pops

Do you want to get your kid to eat a bit healthier? Healthyish You has a fun idea to trick your kid and get them to eat healthier at the same time! Replace the base of the cake pops with Brussel Sprouts and cover it with icing so that it looks like an unsuspecting cake pop. Record your kid taking the first bite of their cake pop and see if they spit it out or not. Who knows, they just might end up liking Brussel Sprouts and it could end up becoming a staple part of their diet!

Donut Prank

Do you and your kids love Krispy Kreme donuts? Delicious and addictive, it is no surprise that this prank would hit your kids hard. I have seen this post circulate over the internet in the past years and decided that it would make a great addition to my post. Just place fruits and vegetables in a Krispy Kreme box from a previous pig out and serve it to your family. Record your family opening the box for an iconic reaction. It is no surprise that they will be pissed, but who knows, maybe they might take a fruit or veggie or two after the prank wears off. Visit Reasons to Skip The Housework for more fun April Fool’s Day pranks!

Mouse Prank

If you have an older kid who is a gamer, this would be the perfect April Fool’s trick for him! Funny Kristina posted a simple prank where all you have to do is place a Post It underneath your kid’s mouse. Then secretly record your little gamer get frustrated when they can’t seem to get their mouse to work and then realize that there is a Post-It underneath it! Then after your kid realizes that you played the prank on them, you can team up on them to prank someone else in the household, such as their dad!

Googly Eyes Prank

Do you have a lot of family pictures hanging up all over our house? Upbeat News posts a fun April Fool’s prank that you can do with just some googly eyes. Buy some googly eyes from the dollar store or the teacher’s store and stick them to family portraits all over your house. When your kids wake up, they will think that the googly eyes are so hilarious. The best part about them is that it is so easy to remove from the pictures after the day is done.

Carrot Tootsie Rolls Prank

Another candy switched with fruits and vegetable trick is the Carrot Tootsie Roll prank on Love and Marriage Blog. Just place some baby carrots in Tootsie Roll wrappers to trick your kids. Hopefully, your kids like Tootsie Rolls a little bit more than I do (personally I would prefer the baby carrots any day!) This is another fun and harmless trick that is great for all ages!

Cereal Prank

If your kid loves eating cereal, this prank on Meet Penny will get them for sure. Pour out some cereal and milk for them for breakfast, but instead of pouring all milk, mold ice at the bottom of the bowl and put only a little bit of milk and cereal at the surface. When your kids eat their cereal, they will not be able to eat very much at all. Don’t make them worry too much. Pour a full bowl of cereal for them to eat after pranking them with their April Fool’s bowl!

Remote Trick

This trick is a lot like the mouse trick. If you have a kid who loves watching TV (I mean, what kid doesn’t love watching TV!), then this is the perfect trick for them. Just place tape or paper on the sensor of the remote and watch your kids get frustrated when they can’t turn on the TV or change the channel. When they are on their last nerve, shout “April Fools!” and show them the tape or paper on the remote. You and your kids can then trick someone else in the house, such as their dad!

Worm In Your Apple Trick

This is a great food trick for young kids, such as toddlers and preschoolers. Clean and Scentsible features a trick where all you have to do is place a hole in an apple and place a gummy worm inside of it. When your tot sees it, they will be surprised that there is a “worm in their apple!” This trick can help young kids balance eating healthy and unhealthy food,  with a mostly healthy diet and a little treat every once in a while!

I hope that you enjoy your April Fools’ Day at home with your kids! You can check out some more April Fool’s Day pranks on YouTube, Tik Tok, or Pinterest for inspiration! What is your favorite April Fools’ Day prank to play on your kids? Place your answer in the comments!

Talk to you soon!








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