Best Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home With Kids

Whether Easter falls in March or April, it is a worldwide holiday that is synonymous with the beginning of spring. For that reason, it is a great holiday to celebrate out and about, whether it is at church, at an Easter egg hunt in the park, or at your favorite restaurant. But if you cannot host your Easter plans outside for whatever reason, the good thing is that Easter is one of those holidays that are just as good when it is celebrated at home! This list offers tons of fun things that you and your family can enjoy together all Easter weekend:

Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Easter egg hunts are my absolute favorite way to celebrate Easter with my toddler. Egg hunts are great because they are simple enough for the youngest of kids to do! I love going to egg hunts at my local park that offers lots of other activities and lots of space for young kids to run around. But if you cannot attend a public Easter Egg hunt, you can host one that is equally good at home! If you have a backyard, it is the perfect place to hide eggs for an Easter egg hunt due to its open space. If you don’t have a backyard, you can hide the Easter eggs all around the house or apartment. Kids love candy, but if you are healthier, you can put something else in your eggs, such as stickers. Your kids will have lots of fun hunting for eggs all around the house! Want to do something out of the box? Good Housekeeping has a list of Easter Egg Hunt ideas that you can do indoors!

Host an Easter Brunch or Dinner!

One of the best ways to spend Easter is to go to your favorite restaurant. Eating food together as a family is simple and great for all ages. Some restaurants even have Easter events, such as Easter brunch where your kids can take pictures with the Easter bunny. A great, affordable alternative to going out to eat is hosting a meal at home, such as brunch or dinner. Even an intimate dinner with just immediate family is great because you guys could unwind a bit more and the kids do not have to always be on their best behavior. Don’t know what you want to make? Country Living has some great Easter brunch recipes and Easter dinner recipes for you to make for the family!

Make Your Own Easter Eggs

Dying and painting Easter eggs is the main at-home Easter activity. I remember when I first dyed Easter eggs to celebrate Easter when I was a kid and it was a lot of fun. It is definitely an activity that I would love to practice with my son. Use this guide from Real Simple to see how to dye Easter eggs. All you need is hard-boiled eggs, food coloring dye or paint, a spoon to scoop the eggs, and a paintbrush, all of which you can find at the local dollar store. Eggs become more expensive in price around Easter, so make sure that you buy eggs earlier so that you get it for a better price. Got the hand of dying Easter eggs? Check out House Beautiful‘s guide about fun new ways to dye Easter eggs.

Make Easter Baskets for Your Kids

Credit: Instagram / @chelsea.mitch

One of the most fun parts about Easter is creating a personalized Easter basket for your kids. I like to base the Easter basket on a theme that your kid likes, such as a favorite show or movie, or a favorite thing, such as princesses, dinosaurs, or trucks. Then, I like to place items in the basket, such as books, stuffed animals, stickers, crayons, coloring books, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, candy, and more! If you are not the best at creating Easter baskets for your kids, you can purchase Easter baskets for your kids from websites such as Kohls or Etsy.

Watch Easter Movies

Illumination Studios: Hop

Kids love the fun of Movie Night (and parents love the ease!) making it a perfect choice for Easter weekend. During Easter weekend, you can catch some kid-friendly Easter movies on cable during the evening. If you are more of a Netflix fan, your kids can watch Easter-themed movies on the streaming app. Young kids would enjoy watching Hop, a fun Easter movie made by the creators of Despicable Me. Older kids would appreciate Joseph: King of Dreams, a cartoon that is based on the Bible. Just pull out the snacks and your kids will be occupied for an hour or two!

Host an Easter Storytime

You do not have to go to the library or bookstore to make storytime fun for your kids. You can plan a great storytime in the comfort of your own home! Look in your personal library for springtime books with animal characters, such as bunnies and chicks, to read to your children this Easter. If you don’t have any springtime children’s books, Llama Llama and Pete the Cat has great Easter-themed children’s books. Make Easter storytime fun by adding props such as Easter eggs and dressing up in bunny ears.

Do Easter Arts and Crafts

If your child is at the age where they like to do things with their hands, but also at the age where you think that they would drop a hard-boiled egg on the ground while dying or painting it, Easter arts and crafts are an alternate option. Crayola and First Palette have coloring pages that you can print out at home that kids can sit down and color. If you have a particularly crafty kid, Kinder Art offers arts and craft ideas that you can do with your tot. These craft ideas are so fun that even the youngest of kids would not feel left out at all.

Dress Up As The Easter Bunny

Taking pictures with the Easter bunny is absolutely necessary for Easter, just like taking a picture with Santa is necessary for Christmas. But what happens if for some reason, something comes up and you can’t leave the house to celebrate Easter? Taking pictures of your kids with the Easter bunny is definitely out of the question. Or it is? If you cannot bring your kids to the Easter bunny, you can bring the Easter bunny to your kids instead! You can purchase an Easter bunny costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes for you or your spouse to wear to entertain the kids! Even though you wouldn’t be able to take a picture with the Easter bunny and the entire family, you can still see how happy your kids will look next to Easter’s favorite bunny!

Dress Up and Take Photos at Home

If you are spending Easter Sunday at home, it does not mean that you guys have to stay in your pajamas all day. Just to get in the Easter spirit, you can dress up in your Sunday best while sitting down at home. While all of your family are at home for the holiday and all dressed up, why not make it a photo op? You can take pictures with a tripod in the backyard for the best natural light! If you do not have a backyard, the stairs are a great place to take family photos. Otherwise, there are plenty of Easter backdrops that you can purchase on Etsy that would make a great photoshoot for you and your family.

Do a Sunday School Service at Home

Finally, Easter is a Christian holiday about Jesus. So if you cannot bring the family to church for Easter, why not bring the church to your family? Websites such as Ministry to Children and DLTK offer Easter Sunday School lessons that are appropriate for even toddlers and preschoolers. Amazon also offers Bible Stories for children. Do you have a visual learner at home? The Beginner’s Bible has a Youtube video about the Story of Easter that is only the length of a children’s cartoon!

I hope this guide helps you enjoy your Easter at home with your family? What is your favorite way to celebrate Easter at home with the family? Post in the comments below!

Talk to you soon!


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