My Review Of The Black Girl Magic Box

BG Magic Box 1

The Black Girl Magic Box is a bi-monthly beauty and wellness box. I found out about the Black Girl Magic Box from a friend. She recently bought the Black Girl Magic Box because it has $150 dollars worth in products from black-owned businesses. Also, if you are one of the first 200 people to subscribe to Black Girl Magic Box, you will get $10 off your first two boxes. That made it a no-brainer for me to buy my first Black Girl Magic Box!

I was able to pick up the Black Girl Magic Box from its headquarters in Brooklyn. But if you do not live nearby, you can order it by the 20th of the release month to receive it between the 23rd and the 28th of the box’s release month through mail. Talk about quick service!

Outside the Box

The Black Girl Magic Box stands out because it is beautifully animated. The box has fireworks and a young black woman with a luscious afro with a finger on her lip. Here are more pictures of this stunning box!

BG Magic Box 9BG Magic Box 20

Why is it called Black Girl Magic Box? Black Girl Magic Box summed it up best with their statement on their website:

Black girl magic isn’t just a hashtag, and it isn’t just the melanin in our skin. It is the ability to beat every odd stacked against us. It is laughing in the face of adversity and smiling at the haters. Black girl magic is doing whatever is necessary to reach your full potential.

Inside the Box

The inside of the Black Girl Magic Box is just as beautiful as the outside. The materials inside the box truly help promote healing and positivity.  Here are pictures of the contents inside the Black Girl Magic Box:

BG Magic Box 2

The first things that I noticed when I opened up the Black Girl Magic Box were a card with a beautiful black woman that reads “You Are Magic”, a card for $20 off two boxes for new customers, and a magical affirmation card.

BG Magic Box 3

Here is the first look at all of the goodies that I received in my Black Girl Magic Box! The Black Girl Magic Box has a three-prong approach to its magical recipe. The box focuses on three aspects of health and wellness: mind, body, and soul.

The Mind includes daily affirmations, planners, quotes, and brainteasers.

The Body includes jewelry, headwraps, and beauty products for hair and skin.

The Soul includes candles, incense, oils, crystals, and products geared towards women.

Of course, the Black Girl Magic Box was a hit! Read on for a complete review of the products in the box:

Daily Affirmation: 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 6

BG Magic Box 5
Black Girl Magic Box’s Daily Affirmation

The daily affirmation really stood out to me, especially since I have an identical twin sister who looks just like me and we shares some of the same mannerisms and interests. Even though we have a lot of similarities, we have many differences as well. This reinforced that I need to spend more time throughout the day embracing the qualities that make me who I am. Additionally, it is on a sturdy small-sized paper, so it can be used as a bookmark in your favorite book while you are on your daily commute to work!

Legal Pads/ Card- 5 out of 5 stars


Since I am a writer, I have many different notebooks and pads around the house filled with poetry, short stories, novels, and notes. I like that these were from Papaya because they were made out of recycled paper. The material is also pretty sturdy and the pages are very pretty. I could use the pages for taking notes and for leaving daily reminders and affirmations around the house. I could also give the card to a friend just because.

Overall Rating of Mind: 5 out of 5 stars

What I liked about the mind collection is that the pieces were classic, beautiful, and multipurpose. They could especially benefit spiritual people who are interested in wellness techniques, such as meditation. I love the pieces and I look forward to seeing what Black Girl Magic Box has to offer for the next cycle.

Jewelry: 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 15

The piece of jewelry stood out to me because it is unique and classic at the same time. It also helps that blue is my favorite color and the bracelet has different shades of blue, including teal, turquoise (my absolute favorite!), aqua, and dark blue. The bracelet has a crystal feel to it and it can go well with a unique outfit or it can be a statement piece of a simple outfit. I definitely look forward to wearing the bracelet in the near future!

Headwrap: 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 18

The headwrap stood out to me because it has vibrant colors, such as bright pink, green, and my favorite color, blue. It also is big enough to wrap even the longest and thickest of hair into place, as shown in the next picture:

BG Magic Box 19The pattern of the headwrap is very eye-catching but it isn’t too distracting at the same time. I definitely look forward to wearing the headwrap soon, whether it is to a natural hair expo event like Curlfest or just to cover up a bad hair day.

Lemon Lip Scrub: 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 12

If you are anything like me, your lips have been experiencing dryness due to the scorching summer heat. If your lips become dry in extreme temperatures, such as the summer heat and the bitter cold winter wind, this is the product for you! I applied this lip scrub right before going to bed. The texture is creamy and moisturizing without being too thick and it smells lemony fresh. I applied a pea-size to my lips and puckered until it was evenly spread out on my lips and then used warm water to wash it off. I applied some lip balm afterward before going to bed. Even before using lip balm, I noticed an immediate difference with my lips. Not only was my lips more moisturized, but it was also exfoliated from the scrub. My lips sometimes peel if it gets too dry, and this scrub eliminated it all! I definitely recommend it for everyone as a beauty must-have, but especially for extreme temperatures and for people who have chronically dry lips. Plus, it helps that it has all natural ingredients!

 Daily Feminine Wash- 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 13

I was a bit hesitant about trying a feminine wash at first because I thought that it was equivalent to douching. I always learned that douching was not something that was supposed to be part of your daily routine and that the lady parts clean themselves out without any needed assistance. However, this daily feminine wash is great because it has natural ingredients that are beneficial for feminine health, such as apple cider vinegar, rose water, aloe vera, burdock, marshmallow root, and calendula. Also, it recommends that you apply it outside of, not directly inside your lady parts. The consistency is foamy and it has a sweet natural scent, so it does not smell like you are using apple cider vinegar there. I love apple cider vinegar, but the scent is strong and offputting at times. Also, you only need one to two pumps, so a little goes a long way! The product was not drying at all. I feel like you would be able to see a clearer difference with your ph if you use it following your period or intimacy. It is overall a great product and it is very natural.

Natural Deodorant- 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 14I was already trying out brands of natural deodorants starting the summer, so when I received R. Drew Natural’s Rosemary Lavender natural deodorant in the Black Girl Magic Box, it is like they read my mind! I liked this deodorant because it has all natural ingredients and it also smells wonderful. I applied it right after my morning shower before I left the house and it provided all-day coverage! That is rare for any natural deodorant brand as holistic beauties might know! Just a warning though, since it has zinc oxide in it, it could leave the underarms with a thick white residue!

Overall Rating of Body: 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 11
All of the R. Drew Naturals products

I loved the R. Drew Naturals collection. The products were natural and effective, which is very rare to find! Usually, products are either one or the other! The Black Girl Magic Box introduced me to a new black-owned business that has great products. I also really liked the headwrap and the bracelet since they are statement pieces that are not too eccentric at the same time.

Incense: 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 16

I was also hesitant about the incense because usually, it smells way too strong for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that these incense were berry scented. They had a sweet scent but it’s not sickly sweet. When I lit up the incense, it smelled even better. The sweet smell permeated the whole room. My son thought that it smelled like candy. Overall, I would definitely use it again!

Foot soak: 5 out of 5 stars

BG Magic Box 17

I have not used a foot soak for a very long time. The most of a foot soaking experience I had was when I got a pedicure at the nail salon, which is not the most glamorous experience. When I used this foot soak, which seemed like it had Epson salt and other natural ingredients, it felt like I was at a spa. When I took my feet out of the water, my feet never felt so smooth and supple, except for when I was a newborn baby! I would like to take time to do the foot soak weekly during Self-Care Sunday!

Overall Rating for Soul: 5 out of 5 stars

The berry incense and foot soak were both game changers in the Black Girl Magic Box! I am looking forward to seeing what else is in the Soul collection for the next cycle!

Overall Rating for Black Girl Magic Box: 5 out of 5 stars

The first ever Black Girl Magic Box was a success! It had a great mixture of products that helped heal the mind, body, and soul. My favorite collection was the Body collection because it introduced me to a new natural skincare brand, R. Drew Naturals, and the bracelet and the headwraps were beautiful. However, the Mind collection helped me to think positively and to become more organized. And the Soul collection was mind-blowing! I am counting down the days to see what’s in the next box!

Go on to order your box today! Also, follow Black Girl Magic Box on Instagram at @blkgirlmagicbox!

Talk to you next time!





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