How To Create A Vision Board That Will Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate the new decade, I wanted to manifest my New Year’s resolutions by creating a vision board for 2020! You can create a vision board at home or with friends and family, but I chose to go to a Vision Board Event hosted in the city by the Meetup group, Met God, She’s Black. It was a peaceful way to create and share vision boards with likeminded ladies.

Here are some of the New Year’s resolutions that I am holding myself accountable for:

Healthy Eating

One of my top New Year’s resolution is to continue eating healthy. Since December, I have successfully eliminated meat, dairy, processed sugar from my diet and avoid carbs such as rice, pasta, and wheat as much as possible. After starting my new diet, I have shed five pounds so far and I feel much healthier. I also notice that I become more full from eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and grain! I chose the images that I did on my vision board because I would like to continue to drink more green smoothies, drink more water throughout the day, and most importantly, encourage my son to eat a healthier diet. I would like to incorporate more green, leafy vegetables into my son’s diet and the best way to do this is to prepare meals with him!


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to write more. I would like to make more regular posts on this blog in addition to creating a plant-based eating blog later on this year in addition to this lifestyle/parenting blog. I would also like to begin writing more creative works, such as fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and even commit to writing a novel!

Hair Goals

As a mom, I don’t always have the most time to take care of my hair. Therefore, my go-to hairstyle is often my lazy “mom-bun” when I don’t have time to do much else with my hair. Therefore, my hair can be extra dry when wash day finally arrives, especially due to the winter weather. Therefore, I would like to take more time out of the day to take care of my hair. I chose that lady’s picture because I would like my hair to be as voluminous, defined, and fluffy as hers is on a regular basis!

Career Goals

Career is something that is very important to me, especially since I am currently experiencing a lot of change in that area! This year, I would like to manifest a flexible, fulfilling, and well-paying career. (As a mother, flexibility and high-pay are so important!) I would prefer to start a career in writing, but I would be okay with using my degree as well! A positive work environment is so important to my physical and mental health, so I will always include that in my manifestation.


I find myself busier than I expect throughout the day with errands, working and freelancing, dropping off and picking up my son from school, cooking, cleaning up, playing with my son, and getting him ready for the next day. This is why my New Year’s resolution is to spend more weekends performing self-care. Whether this means taking an extra-long bubble bath at home, going to the spa, or just reading a great book, I would like to spend more time relaxing and less on my feet every once in a while.

How To Create A Vision Board That Manifests Your New Year’s Resolutions

Choose words and images that speak to you.

When you flip through the magazines, use your first instinct to cut out words and images that you are drawn to instead of thinking it through. You don’t want your vision board to look pretty, well you probably do, but that’s not its main purpose. You want your vision board to truly speak to you and motivate you to follow through with your resolutions. If you can’t find any words that speak to you, you can write some words that come to your head near your images.

Be organized!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you want to lose weight? Travel more? Exercise more? Go back to school? Make a list of what you want to achieve before 2021 and then find words and images that match your goals. Don’t be afraid to look up specific images on Google, such as the specific college you want to attend, your dream home, or your ideal wedding ring! These images will help visualize your dreams!

Do a vision board party with close friends!

Inviting your friends over for a vision board party is not only fun. It can also help you keep each other accountable to follow your dreams! You can discuss each person’s New Year resolutions during the party and even create a group chat afterward to set monthly goals towards making your dreams come true. While you can achieve goals by yourself, it is easier, and more fun, to do it with the help of friends.

Clear up your schedule!

It is probably not the best idea to work on your vision board on a busy day since you might rush the process instead of taking your time to create a board that perfectly visualizes your goals. It is best to work on it on a weekend instead of a weeknight since you would have more time to relax and take your time to create your dream board. If you’re a mother, you can do it during your kid’s naptime or even let them create their own vision board as well if they are old enough.

Place the vision board somewhere meaningful.

You are finished creating your vision board, what now? You can’t just toss it anywhere because then you would forget all about it. The best way to manifest your New Year’s resolutions is to place your vision board where you would see it every day. This would remind you to put down the chips if you are manifesting a healthy diet or close out your Amazon app if you would like to save money. That way, you can always hold yourself accountable throughout the year.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Would you create a vision board?

Until next time!

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