Color Factory NYC Review: COVID-19 Edition

The Color Factory is a pop-up museum dedicated to color. It came to New York City in summer 2018 and it took the internet by storm, bringing in large crowds in the first months of it opening. It became a permanent exhibit in New York City and even opened up a location in Houston, Texas, before it shutdown suddenly in March 2020 due to COVID-19. The Color Factory reopened in October 2020 with health and safety precautions to protect its visitors from COVID-19, including requiring guests to wear face masks or coverings at all times, and using ultraviolet lights and antimicrobial vapor to keep the exhibits, including the famous ball pits clean. Since Color Factory was taking precaution to protect its guests against COVID-19, I felt comfortable taking a trip with my son and my friend and her son. Read on to find out more about our experience at the Color Factory.

Our first Color Factory selfie

We attended the Color Factory on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at 12 pm, so it was not crowded at all and we were able to enter the museum immediately. There is a complimentary coat check (which came in handy in the middle of winter!) that uses your phone number to check in and check out. Bathrooms that are right near the coat check right before which is perfect for young kids with tiny bladders. After checking in, you can take a selfie of the ceiling, which is a rainbow colored display by setting a timer on your smartphone. After, you go inside and sit on a colorful stool watch a video about the rules of the Color Factory.

You receive a card upon checking in that you register for using your first and last name and your email address. I really liked using the card because it helps you access the pictures that you took straight to your e-mail. This makes it possible for you to take pictures without having to ask your friend or a staff member to take a picture for you if you go alone or with a young child. Staff members distribute snacks and prizes to visitors that are prepackaged for you to eat outside due to COVID-19.

The whole experience kind of felt like we were in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, especially the macaroons on the conveyor belt and the fact that we couldn’t go back after going into a room (even though that was due to COVID-19) The button wall is one of my favorite displays because you can take a button based on your favorite color. I took teal/turquoise while my son took green (his favorite colors are blue and green!) My son also did the coloring activity with my friend’s son, even though they both were too young and not that interested. The blowing balloons was a fun photo op, but my son and my friend’s son were running around and playing with the balls so we couldn’t take any pictures.

We got green!

We moved on to the color quiz which was a life sized version of the chart quizzes from my childhood. My son and I did the quiz together even though it was hard since he can’t read as yet and wanted to run through the quiz. We both ended up getting green, which means that we are cerebral. This matched both of us, especially since my son’s favorite color is green. We were able to choose out a shade of green from the wall after the picture.

The Disco Floor was a great place to take pictures because it’s so bright and vibrant. It was also a hit for my son and his friend because because they got to run around and chase each other, which was great for me and my friend to take some pictures together and to catch up while the kids were occupied.

The xylophones were a hit for the kids because they loved playing the instruments. It was also great for us adults since it brings out the inner child. The alphabet colors were fun because we could use the first letter of our name to find a color of the same name. The color wheel was fun as well, because we created Boomerangs of us moving and spinning around on the wheel. And then, we finally reached the ball pit!

The ball pit is the last and the most well known part of the Color Factory for a reason. It is a large sea of plastic balloons that is fun for both children and adults alike. I was able to take lots of pictures with my friend and catch up and chill while my son and my friend’s son played with each other. This took me back to the days of Chuck E. Cheese (when it still had a play space) and Discovery Zone when I used to play in ball pits as a child, except of course, the balls were a lot cleaner. It was nice for my son to get the Discovery Zone experience in 2021. Here are some more pictures below:

After dipping in the ball pit, they gave out blueberry flavored ice cream and trinkets (I chose the lemon keychain while my son picked the balloon!) We headed to the gift shop, which was a bunch of different colored themed gifts and looked around at all of the cool trinkets. Then we checked out at Coat Check (all we had to do was put in our number!), take one last trip to the restroom, and head out. Upon exiting, we were treated with some mochi ice cream (we chose mango!)

Overall: I would give my experience at the Color Factory during COVID-19 as a 5 out of 5 stars. The card helped make our experience as hands- off as possible while we were still able to take lots of great photos while still enjoying the exhibits. The interactive experiences were very fun and creative and reminded me from something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The staff were also super accommodating and helped us to find the restroom halfway into the ball pit experience even though we were usually not supposed to go back to exhibits since we have young children. This pop-up museum is equally child friendly and adult friendly and I recommend it to people of all ages!

It was great talking to you! If you would like to purchase tickets for the Color Factory, you can do so here for NYC: and here for Houston: If you would rather wait until Phase 2 or after COVID-19 is over to go, you can also purchase a gift card here:

Talk to you soon!


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