What To Do With Your Kids At Home During the Summer


Usually, summer is the perfect time to go outside. Whether you would take local trips to the beach or amusement park with your children or decide to travel abroad, summer vacation is synonymous with traveling. But when you aren’t able to take a summer trip, you and your kids can still enjoy your summer in the comfort of their own home. These activities would keep them entertained for so long that they wouldn’t even ask you about going to Disney World or the beach! Here is a list of great summer activities to do at home:

Get a Bouncy House


If you cannot take your kid to the bouncy house, take the bouncy house to your kids. The backyard is the perfect place for you to put your bounce house, so your kids could go wild. If you don’t have a backyard, the living room or the guest room can be a great place instead. Bounce houses are effortless fun that will keep your kids occupied for a while! You can still find a bounce house on Amazon in the link here.

Blow Bubbles


Blowing bubbles is one of the simplest past times of summer. If you have a very young kid like a baby or toddler, they will just be satisfied with you blowing bubbles for them for minutes, even hours (if you’re willing, of course). To upgrade the bubble blowing experience, you can buy a bubble maker for your child so that it can blow the bubbles for you, a bubble no-spill top to prevent toddlers from spilling bubbles on the ground, and a giant bubble wand that can blow giant bubbles for toddlers and kids.

Take a Dip!


If you have a pool in your backyard, you are already fully prepared for summer! A pool is a perfect way to cool down from a humid summer day! All you need is a pool float to help young kids stay afloat and to relax in the water. If you don’t have a pool, you can get a kiddie blow-up pool that is perfect for babies and toddlers.

Run Through the Sprinkler


Sprinklers are one of the simplest joys of summer. There is something amazing about just being in the backyard and spraying each other with a water hose! If you want to upgrade the water hose, you can purchase a sprinkler from Amazon that would turn your backyard into a splash pad at home!

Use Sidewalk Chalk


Have your kids skip coloring in books and trade in their crayons for sidewalk chalk on their front yard! Your kids can draw pictures, and write letters and messages. If you have an older kid, they can even create their own hopscotch board and play the classic game! Get some chalk from Amazon through this link!

Kinetic Sand


If you can’t take your kids to the beach, take the beach to them! Get a sand and water table from Amazon to place the Kinetic Sand in so that your child could dig for hours! They can make sandcastles, draw pictures and their name in the sand, or just play with it a bit. Your kids will love having the beach right at home!

Make ice pops at home


Ice cream is almost synonymous with summer. The sticky, sweet treat is the perfect way to cool down on a hot, sweltering day. Instead of giving in to the cries of the ice cream truck (and it’s questionable sanitary conditions) why don’t you make ice pops together as a bonding activity with children. You can use these ice pop molds to create frozen healthy but tasty treats for your kids! Substitute added sugar and artificial flavors for pops that are blended from pure fruit.

Upgrade your backyard


If you don’t already have a swing and slide set in your backyard, now is the time to purchase one! This set from Amazon is perfect for your kids to play with! After having so much fun in their own backyard, your kids would not even miss going to the playground! If you do not have a backyard, you can change your house or apartment into a playground instead! This indoor swing from Amazon and this indoor slide also from Amazon can help your kids have fun right inside their house regardless of the weather.

Camping at Home


You don’t have to be in the great outdoors to go camping. You can choose to do a camping trip in your own backyard! All you need is a tent, sleeping bag, and a campfire so that you can roast marshmallows and make delicious smores! The simplicity of being outside without any technology will make you and your kids feel a lot more centered. If you would rather do indoor camping, then all you need is a sleeping bag, since you can replace the tent with a homemade fort made from sheets or comforters. And you can always make your smores together in the microwave instead!

Summer Reading



And lastly, reading is one of the most important things that you can do with a child. Keep your kid on track by signing them up for summer reading at their local library! You can even sign up your kid for this annual program online if you are unable to sign them up in person. This way, you can find ways to hold your children accountable for their summer reading by creating a reward chart where they get a sticker for each book that they read and can receive rewards for reading a certain amount of books!

I hope that this list gave you lots of new ideas on what to do at home with kids during the summer. What do your kids like to do when you are at home during the summer? Share below in the comments!

Talk to you soon!


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