Best Ways To Celebrate The First Day of Spring With Kids

Spring has a special place in my heart because it is a time of new life. This is why many nations, such as Japan, have festivals to celebrate the season of spring. I am already seeing the cherry blossoms begin to bud on the trees! Since I do not yet have seasonal allergies, spring is the perfect time for me to walk around and breathe fresh air and enjoy being outdoors! Spring is a great time especially for kids, because warm weather is back, so they can finally release some of the pent up energy that they had during the winter. Read on to find out about things to do with kids to celebrate spring:

Go To The Park

The park is the best place to go to celebrate the first day of spring. The park has a lot of wide, open spaces, fresh air, and best of all, it is completely free! The busy, rambunctious playground isn’t the only option. If you would like more space, the options are endless. Some of them include:

  • Having a picnic on the lawn
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Playing catch
  • Riding bikes on the path
  • Relaxing on the bench
  • Taking a hike
  • Working out
  • And so much more…

Pick Some Flowers

There is nothing that feels better than receiving a bouquet of flowers from your child to celebrate a spring holiday such as Easter Sunday or Mother’s Day. You can take your child to pick some flowers from the park(do not let your kid pick flowers that are planted by park staff). Whether they pick cherry blossoms from the trees or dandelions from the grass, they will have fun creating their own bouquet to give to you. If they can’t find any flowers in the park, you can take them to the flower shop to pick out some flowers to buy. A beautiful bouquet of flowers can be placed in water but a potted plant can blossom well into the spring months.

Spring Arts and Crafts

Maybe flowers aren’t the best springtime momentum because they die so quickly. Get a spring keepsake that lasts forever with some flower arts and crafts. There are many options on Pinterest, but one of my favorite flower arts and crafts is on Molly Moo Crafts. All you need is some pipe cleaners, supplies, and construction paper from the dollar store to make beautiful flowers that would last for a lifetime. These potted plants could also make good Mother’s Day gifts in a month.

Spring Storytime

One of the best ways to teach children about spring is by reading stories to them about the season. This would help them learn that we are leaving behind the cold, dark days of winter and approaching the bright, mild spring days. One of my favorite books to read to my son about spring is Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit because it shows how animals prepare for winter and then come back full circle during the springtime. I also like to read Little Chick to my son because it has a great storyline and the chicks are great for Easter.

Do A Spring Photoshoot

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. This is why it makes the perfect backdrop in photos. An outdoor photoshoot is perfect for spring because you can add beautiful parts of nature, such as cherry blossoms, flowers, and fields. You can just grab your professional camera and take candid photos in the field. You don’t have to make sure that your kids stay still or smile for the photos, especially when you are photographing toddlers and young children. If you would rather do it at home, you can set up your child’s room with a pretty backdrop and snap professional photos right in the house. This is especially great for infants or young toddlers. If you are not good at taking photos at all, you might need a professional studio, such as JCPenney Portraits, Picture People, or a local photographer.

Watch A Spring-Themed Movie

Is the first day of spring rainy and cold where you are instead of sunny and warm? Stay at home and Netflix and Chill to celebrate the start of the season instead. The blockbuster, Peter Rabbit was on Netflix just last month but was recently taken off. Now, you can catch it on Amazon Prime Video instead. Your kids can catch the movie, Hop on Netflix, another popular Hollywood movie with a bunny as the lead.

Read Poetry

Poetry is a major part of spring since April is National Poetry Month. has a great list of springtime poetry that is great for older kids while Little Learning Corner has great poems for young children. If you have an older kid who knows how to read and write, they can write their own poem about spring. If they are a beginner, let them write an acrostic poem with the word SPRING. If they are a poet, they can write whatever they want about the spring season. After they finish, have them rewrite the poem on a small piece of paper for Poem In Your Pocket Day!

Eat A Fruit Bouquet

Instagram: @ediblearrangements

Kids eat unhealthy snacks during every major holiday, including Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s Day. Give your kids a healthier alternative by ordering an Edible Arrangement. Yeah, it has chocolate on it, but it’s also mainly made of primarily natural sugar. If you would like an even healthier alternative than Edible Arrangements (and you have exceptional artistic skills that I lack!) you can make your own fruit bouquet with this recipe from All Recipes. Don’t have the time for either? A simple fruit salad would do.

Thank you for reading about things that you can do with your family to celebrate the beginning of spring. Share your favorite way to celebrate spring with your family in the comments!

Talk to you again soon!



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