My Experience at CurlFest 2018


Now that fall is almost here, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about my experience at CurlFest 2018. This was the fifth celebration, and the fifth time I went since I started going since its inception and I enjoyed it every time. However, this is the first time that I went with my little one. I was a bit nervous about taking my son since he never went before and he’s officially in his toddler phase, where he likes to run around and grab my hand and take me wherever he wants to go. But I’m glad that he came because despite not experiencing CurlFest in a typical way, we still had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from CurlFest 2018:

Having fun by the Tropic Isle Living sign
All smiles and climbing as usual

Going to CurlFest with my son was a different experience since I was able to discover the kids’ section sponsored by Ampro Pro Styl. They had a toddler-sized playpen (which he loved), a bean bag toss (which he tried his best to throw into the hole), and a volleyball net and ball (which he wanted to play with along with the older kids, but he was too small).


All smiles! 🙂

If you want to attend CurlFest and you are on the fence about whether you would like to attend with your young kid, I would say go for it! Your kid would have just as much fun as you! They would enjoy the kid’s section, picnicking in the park, and running around in the grass.

Now onto tips for Curlfest 2019:

  1. If you want to get a gift bag, make sure you snag your tickets fast! In previous years, you were able to collect a gift bag with a free ticket as long as you RSVP’d, but after the long line at Curlfest 2017 for gift bags, you had to pay to get tickets. I was on the fence about paying for tickets for a gift bag with products that might or might not work for my hair, so I didn’t get a paid ticket since gift bag tickets sold out in less than an hour! However, I was able to snag a free ticket, but I didn’t need it, because even though they said that you need a ticket to get into CurlFest, I was able to walk right in. I had friends who paid for tickets and they had to wait over an hour to get their gift bag. My advice is to get a free ticket, but if you can’t, just walk in and don’t bother buying a free ticket off someone. Come early and collect free samples from the booths, because the lines accumulate fast!  
  2. Bring your own blanket and/or fold-able chair to the park. CurlFest had a limited edition blanket that they were giving out with their silver tickets, however, one of my friends had to wait over an hour to get hers, so it is best to bring your own. CurlFest is an all-day event where you are going to do a lot of walking (and dancing) so you need to secure a picnic spot somewhere in the shade to get some rest. I bought my blanket and chair from Amazon:

Camco Handy Mat Strap, Perfect Picnics, Beaches, RV Outings, Weather-Proof Mold/Mildew Resistant (Blue/Green – 60″ x 78″) (42805)

AmazonBasics Camping Chair with Cooler, Blue (Mesh)

3. Bring your own food! I cannot emphasize this enough! You can pack a picnic lunch or buy something on the way to CurlFest, but don’t come without food, because you will get hungry and thirsty (from walking around all day and being in the summer heat) and lines for food trucks are between 30 minutes to an hour. I learned my lesson from CurlFest 2017 when I didn’t bring any food with me nor cash, and I waited on a long line for food only to realize midway into the line that the food trucks were cash only. I ended up hangry for the rest of CurlFest. I learned my lesson and stocked up on chickpea salad sandwiches, PB&J for the toddler, and water bottles, dried fruit, and nuts. Not only was I happy to have the picnicking experience, but I was also full for the entire festival.

4. Get to CurlFest early! If you would like to snag all of the product samples and relax for the rest of the day, get there at least half an hour, or preferably an hour in advance. I got to CurlFest an hour late (I didn’t factor in the time that it would take to get myself and a toddler ready and prep picnic foods and snacks), so I decided to only wait for the photo op (the #Curlfest sign) and then to set up my picnic and wait for my friend to come. For next year, I would definitely wake up super early so that I can snag all the freebies and have time to picnic and relax afterward.

5. Come prepared for any weather! CurlFest is in the middle of summer, so usually, it would be super hot around this time. However, it was cloudy and overcast all day and it ended up pouring at 6/7 pm when we were on our way back home. We had to innovate and cover ourselves with blankets in order to avoid the rain.

6. Have fun! CurlFest is a festival dedicated to natural hair and black beauty with thousands of people coming out from all around the world. Relax on the grass or dance at the front near the stage, you wouldn’t leave in a bad mood.

Thanks for reading!



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